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Laura Moreno Saraga

Professional UX & Content Writer.




UX Writing & Content Design.

  • UX writing & content design - Collaborating with designers and other stakeholders using Figma. Includes working on user flows, prototypes, and working with design systems 

  • UX user research - User interviews, usability sessions, A/B tests, surveys, readability testing, business data, and support tickets.

  • Content exploration - Card sorts, inventory, competitor analysis, and workshops. 

  • UX audits - End-to-end audits for improving usability and UX content on existing apps and websites.

  • Mobile-first content design - Mobile-first UX design and UX writing for apps.

  • UX case studies - Writing UX case studies. 

  • Webinars - End-to-end webinar production, from research to video presentations on usability. 

  • Content guides - Writing content guides for brands to help them keep a consistent voice and tone throughout. 

Web Content & Blog Writing.

  • Articles - Weekly or monthly articles and blog posts to improve SEO. 

  • Website copy - End-to-end web copy for a wide array of industries, including industry research for voice and tone.

  • Landing pages - Writing and determining layout for content. Adding SEO keywords for better discoverability.

  • Templates - Industry research and brief writing for templates.


Laura is the type of person you want on your team - smart, curious, resourceful, reliable, hard-working, and generally a wonderful person to be around and work with. 

Our time working together at Wix allowed me to witness her awesome leadership skills in addition to her talent as a UX Writer. 

Udi Gindi

UX Professional (Direct Manager 2020-2021)

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