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Artificial Design Intelligence

The early days

In 2016, I was selected as one of three writers to work on a revolutionary project that would change the way people built websites forever.


For the first 6 months, we weren't even told what the project was, since we were freelancers at the time.


We were just told to research and write. This is. how I learned about hundreds of business types, such as what their online presence looks like, including the tone of voice, the types of images they use on their sites, and how these are most often laid out. 

This is the original writing crew that worked on ADI in its early days.

The launch

In summer of 2016, launched ADI as a separate website editor. After three years, the decision was made to deprecate the product because it didn't make sense to maintain two separate editors. 

Although ADI as an Editor is no longer available, our content can still be found in certain parts of the website building experience. 

ADI today

Get Text Ideas - 

What's your business type funnel - 

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